Community Project:   Remembrance and Celebration

This project was inspired by altar making traditions in Mexico for Day of the Dead but community and personal altars of remembrance are created all over the world.  We invited individuals, artists, students, friends, family, churches, hospice group and others to take part in a community exhibition. We were amazed at the level of interest in this project, thrilled by the number of people who wanted to participate, and deeply touched by how personal the work became for so many people.   read more

Other Pieces
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Pain and Beauty/El daño y la belleza

Carolyn Kallenborn Woven, dyed and knotted Cotton, tencel rayon, backstrap loom tools Designed, dyed and knotted by Carolyn Kallenborn Woven by Abigail Mendoza Tejido, teñido y anudado Algodón, tencel rayon, herimientos de telar de cintura Diseño y teñido y elaboración por Carolyn Kallenborn Tejido por Erasto Abigail Mendoza