Community Project:   Remembrance and Celebration

This project was inspired by altar making traditions in Mexico for Day of the Dead but community and personal altars of remembrance are created all over the world.  We invited individuals, artists, students, friends, family, churches, hospice group and others to take part in a community exhibition. We were amazed at the level of interest in this project, thrilled by the number of people who wanted to participate, and deeply touched by how personal the work became for so many people.   read more

Other Pieces
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In the last few years I have watched events unfold in my life and in the world that have somehow created so much tension that it feels as if everything is tearing at the seams and is at the verge of breaking. I feel helpless and overwhelmed. When so much of life is filled with aggression, fear and defensiveness, what can a person do, either in their personal life or in the broader societal context to change anything?