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Division of the Arts: Kallenborn Retirement

Jane Rafferty Thiele Professor in Human Ecology Carolyn Kallenborn from the Textiles and Fashion Design area of the Design Studies Program retired this year. Carolyn has been a longtime collaborator with the Division of the Arts. This video was created in tribute to her unique ability to build relationships and communities.

Since 2003, Carolyn Kallenborn has been working with indigenous artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. It has been a rich exchange of ideas and culture. The inspiration for her own artwork comes from her experiences in Mexico and learning with the artists and craftsmen there. "Through my time Oaxaca I have come to appreciate the ability of art to cross boundaries. I have watched as my English speaking students communicate with their Oaxacan teachers without a common verbal language. As artists, they understand each other through visual and physical expression that is a part of art making, even if they do not understand the words being used by the maker. Both the U.S. students and the Oaxacan teachers find commonalities and appreciation. They teach me that art crosses borders and can create understanding and healing. And to me, that’s the best that art can be. 

Videography: Aaron Granat


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