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What is Reality? Threads 2021 Visits with Dr. Charles Raison to talk about our changing reality.

In spring 2021, the students in my design and fashion event class chose the theme of Reality? for the Textile and Fashion Design annual student fashion show. As part of the deep dive into what are we talking about when we say "Reality?" UW-Madison Senior, Ellyn Webb who was in the class interviewed Dr. Charles Raison a professor at UW Madison.

What is reality and how do we as individuals perceive reality differently than those around us? University of Wisconsin-Madison Senior Ellyn Webb discussed this concept with Dr. Charles Raison, a distinguished mental health expert and professor at the University of Wisconsin, to learn more about how our perception of reality affects our personal narratives and mental well-being.

As part of Threads 2021: Reality, Design and Fashion Event, the student team talks to Dr. Charles Raison about the nature of reality. The discussion touches on how our reality has changed, what happens when consensual shared reality breaks down, and how unusual treatments and breaks, in reality, can rewire the brain to create a new understanding.

Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Distinguished Chair for Healthy Minds, Children & Families

This interview was developed and produced by Threads 2021: Design and Fashion Event:

Reality? This year, reality has changed for all of us. We are physically distant but globally connected. We spend most of our time at home with our families. We see friends and grandparents on zoom. These changes have permeated everything from how we work, how we design, how we think, and how we dream.


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